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The Visibility VIBES is a framework, which identifies the 5 key areas which raise your profile, making you, your company or your brand more visible.

So many businesses large and small overlook the fundamental importance of visibility and try to do it themselves. This includes trying to create the perfect products, developing your range of services and constantly updating your website

What I do know is that you're turning around your sales and marketing ideas in your head, and within an organisation it's your sales and marketing teams who are multi meeting and trying to pin it down.

My guess is that you either are a business who's still finalising the details or that you work for one.

Without clarity on what it means to be truly visible, the problem is that this guarantees to make you less visible, dilute your value and stop you from making an impact.

Not being visible also makes the best sales, marketing, social media, website, and product plans ineffective.

There's freedom in the framework, and you can experience your version of Visibility on a one to one basis with me privately, live and online in a group setting, through get-it-done days, events & workshops, or through solution focussed and supported self development programmes.

In a noisy market place how do you stand out?
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