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Talk Title: High Impact Visibility

There's a saying that's says, "Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE", but what does that actually mean?

If you've been feeling or being invisible and don't know how to get visible, stand out or get out there so that people can see who you are and know what you do, then perhaps it's time you got some Visibility V.I.B.E.S.™

This system allows you to take your best bits and be you while getting out there in the world whether you're in business, an ambitious employee, an author, a consultant, a coach or a tribe leader who wants to make your mark out there in the world in a positive way. 

Join Jenny as she bucks the trend of forcing you to follow a blueprint, instead showing you quick easy ways of getting out there. 

Learn ways to;

 Get visible! So your clients can find you and your colleagues can hear you
 Make an impact and leave a lasting impression
 Be able to talk about your company, business and yourself in a compelling way. 
 Be visible, even as a busy professional 
 Speak about what you do, your services and your value without becoming a rambling wreck
 Sell Yourself 

Jenny Kovacs, is the the creator of the Visibility V.I.B.E.S™ system, Speaking Out Authentically™ programme and the Speaker Spotlight™ she activates your ability get out there in a bigger way!

High Impact Visibility


Having spoken at numerous live, online and corporate events to a variety of audiences with numbers ranging from 3 to 700 in a variety of locations UK wide and internationally. Jenny's audiences are typically either businesses, organisations or entrepreneurs. Her audiences have a strong interest in a creative and less traditional approach and avidly look for quick solutions.

Sales professionals, Service oriented businesses, Entrepreneurs, Start ups and Marketing teams enjoy Jenny's wit and approach. While women's business groups, professionals looking for motivation
, traditional business groups, solo businesses, internet marketers and very recently, esoteric groups have booked speaking engagements, especially niche groups who do business and life in a more modern way.  

When you book Jenny, you can expect the motivation and inspiration to succeed and exceed in a highly interactive way. Jenny comes from a place of service so frequently shares user friendly and immediately actionable techniques for boosted visibility so you and your audience can get yourself out there and build your reputation. Jenny exudes an ability activating energy which leaves a lasting impression, this remains with your audience, teams and organisation for weeks, months and years to come.

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Jenny's talks inspire, motivate and are designed to activate the audience into ability, progress and 'to do!' As a speaker, Jenny gives lots of usable content in an interactive, easy to absorb way. Jenny helps Businesses Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and even Service Based Businesses to "Get Out There" so that they're seen, heard and remembered. This in turn helps professionals to be heard so they're listened to AND their clients happily buy!
Jenny speaks with a strong focus on the "Get Your Business Out There" type of Visibility this builds your credibility, impact and reputation. Her employed client base receives more recognition and often promotion.

If your clients have slowed down, sales have slumped or people can't find you, it's likely that you need to raise your Visibility V.I.B.E.S. 

During this interactive talk, Jenny will guide you through the 5 most important steps to have you seen as the person they want, from the page, online, offline, in the flesh and from the screen.

Jenny is a Visibility Specialist and also known as "The Queen of Being Seen" she herself experienced being invisible and through building her own authentic career, realised the value of being able to help others do this too. Jenny's talk will help you to spread your ripples far and wide where you're out there with increased reputation in your field.  

 Build a highly credible reputation that establishes you as the go to person in what you do, while creating a lasting impression.

 Create a simple yet profitable professional life, through raising your visibility in your organisation or business

 Learn how raising your V.I.B.E.S. attracts the juiciest of clients, people and opportunities to you and allows you to do more of what you love and less of what you don't

Raise Your Visibility : Get Out There in a Much Bigger Way



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