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 Oh What Shall I Share?  

::: LIVE 1 Day | London | Saturday 1st April 2017 :::  

Your Host | Jenny Kovacs

Saturday 1st April 2017 12:30 - 6:00pm
London, Blackheath | U.K.
Let's cut to the chase!

At its core … While there are many ways to stand out, be visible and market ourselves, we can find ourselves feeling stuck, confused and overwhelmed!

In 2017 I'm on a mission to make visibility easy… Because we are really good at complicating things!

Hence my mantra (and soon to be yours too)...

Let this be easy!

Why this is so important to me

In 2010 I started my business and shortly after received a huge wake up call… life is short, make the most of it in the moment … and the rather painful lesson of stop saying "I'll do it when…", I'll do it later and I'll do it tomorrow…

Then in 2013, while at event in San Diego USA, my bigger why dropped straight into my lap, via the tears in my eyes!

It was one of those moments where I knew that I had to spread my ripples far and wide, so that the people I came into contact with, worked with and helped to raise their own visibility could spread their ripples far and wide too.

People like you being really seen, really heard and raising their own visibility became a purpose of mine, a mission that I just couldn't stop doing!

Speaking in Las Vegas USA

£75 per person ticket includes your plan, light lunch and materials

So what on earth does this have to do with you?

The long and short of the result of this purpose was actually threefold!

Retail businesses, service based businesses and brands which included therapists, authors, speakers, consultants, mentors, experts and coaches started to benefit through standing out even more, attracting juicy clients to them and being able to make more sales as a 'happy accident' of being visible.

Can you imagine that?

I only intended to help people to stand out and become more visible, and as a happy accident, they got;

More Visibility, people began referring people their way
New Clients, they would have people start by saying... I've been watching your work and I knew I had to work with you!
Unexpected Sales, expecting to have to 'get' or persuade people to buy from them when in fact people wanted to pay more for what they offer. One client had a £5,000 sale while formally offering her work at £297. Another sold £8,000 in 4 days!

How cool is that?

Now, you can probably see why I get so excited about sharing this stuff.


There's no point me keeping it all inside to myself is there?

Because, the thing that I see the most when people are striving for more visibility is that they don't know how to;

~ Stay out of overwhelm and avoid burnout while creating the kind of content that makes them seem heard and noticed.

~ Keep themselves motivated especially if they're working alone without other people around them to bounce ideas off of.

~ Create the kind of content, which has their existing people excited about their work and has new people appear from out of the woodwork, enthused
by their work and what they do to

~ Create a consistent presence which raises their profile on a daily basis while feeling manageable and fun.

~ Design the professional and personal harmony between creating a credible online presence, real life in person interactions and a business they love which earns them a liveable income.

Which leads to ONE additional question which plays on repeat inside your head, and it's this…

"Oh! What shall I share?"

The truthful answer is, it really depends on your business, your plan and you, as in the type of person you are and how you prefer to share.

So I'm inviting you to a live, and in person experience where we get to answer that question AND create the kind of content that will have you seen, noticed and sharing.


On this specially designed day 

 We'll explore where you want to be visible, so that we can also

Easily to create content you can share immediately which raises your profile, credibility and your visibility.

Remove your main blocks which has you starting then stopping, then starting then stopping and starting and stopping.

That one of there *points upwards*  is hugely important because it has a direct correlation to the clients starting then stopping, then starting, then stopping and the income starting then stopping… I think you catch my drift.

This intimate, live, in person event will see a small group of diverse businesses live and together in a room to create the kind of content that gets your even more visible. An extended 90 minute lunch break will allow you plenty of networking time. (Please note that lunch is not included at this event).

So, if you've ever sat in front of a blank screen, looked at your smart phone or found yourself ready to prepare a video for your business not knowing what to record and found yourself asking "So, what shall I share?

Then this day has been designed especially for you

If you want content which gives you Visibility Made Easy gain entry here before those coveted spots disappear

£75 per person ticket includes your plan, light lunch and materials

People just like you have already said



I look forward to watching you rise... because I'm about your visibility, not mine.

Jenny Kovacs ~ Visibility Specialist

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