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Published on 28th July 2015

::: Influence & Authority Online ~ Interview with Wendy Kier :::

There are so many ways to get out there!

If you're more of a 'behind-the-screen' quiet type, then you'll love this AND if you're more of an 'out-there' person who loves doing you, live with others, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised because here's another option available to you regardless of which camp you fall into.

And with so many ways to get out there and visible, so I asked Wendy Kier, some big questions, and she gave us some great answers! Watch here



Published on 24th May 2015 

::: How to be Professional on Video :::

During client calls, workshops and talks, one resounding visibility question I'm asked about consistently by you is video.

"OMG I could not do video, I look and sound awful" (which technically speaking isn't actually a question in my books) but that's what you say


What basic equipment do I need Jenny, to get started?"


How do I work out what to say?

I usually respond with a "Just start where you are" type of response, which I know sounds flippant, but I actually mean it.

Here's why, I remember a few years ago I made a video because...

Click for more on How to be Professional on Video


Published 10th May 2015 (originally Dec 2014)

::: A Quick Tip That Will Boost Your Visibility Online Instantly :::


In this week’s video, I’ve got a quick tip for you that may seem small, but it actually has the power to boost your visibility and add value to your business relationships, surprisingly…

Click for One Quick Tip That Will Boost Your Visibility Online Instantly

Published 13th June 2014

::: Visibility without the Baloney! :::

As with many things in life, in order to move closer to our dreams, aims and ambitions, it really helps if we can get a clear sense of what we really want.

Visibility is exactly the same. You may want to be known by thousands internationally speaking in world stages or you may want to run a successful local business locally in your town or city, while making enough money to treat yourself and your children to treats.

Let’s start with a few myth busters!

1) “To be visible, you have to be ‘famous’ " ... read more


Published 1st May 2014

::: 7 Way's we harm our Visibility & How to Stop it - Part 2 :::

In his book "A Complaint Free World: The 21-day challenge that will change your life " Will Bowen encourages readers to wear a band which they transfer from left to right wrist every time they hear themselves complaining.

The goal is to wear it for ... read more


Published 28th April 2014

::: 7 Way's we harm our Visibility & How to Stop it - Part 1 :::

It was once said that, your reputation is the thing that's left in the room, long after you leave!

On my own visibility journey spanning nearly 20 years, I’ve raised my profile professionally, increased my income (tripling it to be exact) and become known as the expert.

Things haven't always been so rosy though, so in a bid to continue being transparent …
read more



Published 5th April 2014

Are you Inadvertently Invisible on Facebook?

How to Get Visible in 15 minutes and 3 steps!

::: Visibility VIBE Tip :::

Read this short post and follow the steps… read more

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