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Speaker Training 

Do you need some help with your presentations, public speaking, writing and delivering as speaker or trainer?

Perhaps you know it’s time to ‘do it properly’?

If you’ve been feeling like a fraud, cruising through it all or complacency has set in, help is at hand!

Whether you speak, train, teach or lecture, you’ll need to get up in front of people without losing your audience.

Spanning the last 23 years, I’ve personally delivered group presentations, speak to sell services, products and train businesses large and small from post room to executive while being required to engage the audience and often help them take action.

A Senior Training Manager in Financial Services before starting my business in 2010, I worked with Senior Management and Executives to deliver presentations based on detailed information. I worked with brokers and financial advisors so they sold their products and services AND I worked with sales teams to polish their pitches and deliver their sales presentations with presence.

Since 2010, I’ve worked with numerous small businesses, presented to 1000’s of people and worked with big brands such as SAB Miller, BT, Boots and more, presenting to and training presentations, sales and service.

As a business owner, I also train people on how to speak to engage their audiences and if required, ‘silently sell’ without the slime.

When ‘Hattie’ * approached me, she was nervous about speaking full stop, she didn’t know what to say or how to say it let alone speak without hours of anxiety and over preparation, worst still, there was no clarity in her words. She felt like a frightened failure.

Then there was ‘Bertie’ * a high flying sales director who was given the job of presenting to a multi national client, it was his organisations biggest, most important client. Wracked with fear (which he cleverly hid from his colleagues and clients), ‘Bertie’s’ boss was surprised to hear that he hadn’t shown up to deliver the presentation, siting ‘sickness’ as the cause.

What happened next?

Hattie’ * now presents and speaks with so much confidence and ease as herself that just 3 months later she signed a new client for a £5000 package. (The most she’d sold previously was £248 training programme)

Bertie’ went on to receive speaker training with a mindset makeover… he’s just recorded the businesses third promotional video and had gone on to present a numerous conferences. He’s also met a new partner, (said he was feeling more confident in general).

Need to start with a better presentation, there’s freedom in the framework, want yours?

If you recognise or resonate with anything on this page, let’s talk.

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To your speaking success

Jenny Kovacs

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