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About Jenny Kovacs


Have a powerful presence and be visible..

With an ability to help you make a huge difference and stand out from the crowd, especially when you find yourself insanely busy or knee deep in overwhelm. You'll want to consistently make yourself visible to others, so you can get out there and be remembered. 

I help you to activate the ability and visibility within so that your products, services and business is visible and easily seen by your audience, favourite types of clients AND the people who haven't got to know you, your business and your brand... yet? 

This knock on effect leads people to you, literally making your phone ring, email ping and having people request to work with you, (rather than chasing them down), or we used to say in sales, "hunter gathering"


Known as the Queen of Being Seen, Jenny Kovacs is a Catalyst - [an energising ball of passion and innovation] as described in Sally Hogshead's best selling book 'How the World See's You'

Jenny is:

  1. Outgoing

  2. Experimental

  3. Outside-of-the-box

She therefore makes a dynamic first impression, just as well she's a visibility specialist!

With a strong dislike of anything o-r-d-i-n-a-r-y and (coriander), especially when it comes to ideas and communication, be it written, spoken or visual, often when others can’t find a solution to their problem, it’s Jenny that they come to for an outside of the box perspective.

As a highly creative person, Jenny's enthusiasm for invention of creative solutions is more contagious than a fresh dose of chickenpox! People often gravitate towards Jenny's personality, because it’s extremely energising, and here’s the thing, Jenny doesn’t even try to do this, it's a happy accident!

Known for creating warm emotional connections, here’s the thing, if you’re a sceptic or even the minutest bit suspicious of that kind of thing, you’ll think Jenny's "too good to be true" but this really is WHO she really is!


Speaking in Las Vegas to a 400+ audience for Lisa Sasevich 

Jenny Kovacs shows you how to be magnetic to your ideal clients by helping them to find you, so that you get out there with comfort, clarity, impact and credibility while making yourself heard and valued by those listening!

Wherever Jenny goes, she stands out, she has a knack of being remembered and loves helping you to do the same.

From a million pound sales consultant at Thomas Cook Direct to award winning training manager in her corporate roles spanning travel, sales, customer services, management and financial services to an entrepreneur who stands out, on social media, when communicating face to face, on international stages. Jenny has been nominated for awards as Life Coach of the Year, Best Newcomer/Mover and Shaker, as well as A One to Watch...

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