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Your Trusted Sounding Board



The Sounding Board is...

Your secret weapon to creating a greater impact professionally & personally, with a clear and confident new focus. Seek out solutions with a splattering of strategy and a sage point of view. No fears, drama or concerns required, so there’s no classic coaching necessary unless you need it, just steer, guidance and a confidential outsider to bounce ideas off.

At times, you need a sounding board, a confidant, a place to bounce your thoughts, ideas and next moves onto, a confidential sounding-board, a wise head who understands your professional responsibilities and can give you steer but it’s likely that you can’t find that within your current professional environment at the senior level you operate in.

Come on! Are you supposed to consult with your peers and subordinates, and do they even get it? It’s likely that you want to have an intelligent conversation with someone outside of the situation, and yet your friends, don’t ‘get it’ your family don’t really understand it and after trying to discuss it with willing listeners, their eyes glaze over as they’re way out of the loop and it descends into what begins to feel like another mundane conversation.

Perhaps, you’re ultimately responsible for making things happen and the buck often stops with you? It’s likely you’ll value an impartial opinion with someone who is not a ‘yes man’ but someone who listens, challenges you with deeper focussed questions and leads you away from the "What do you think I should I do?", and closer to the solution.


Since 1995, I’ve worked with huge and well known household brands, 1000’s of senior level professionals and individually with ambitious go getters to activate their ability to enhance their personal effectiveness. For them this has made a huge difference to the way they perform in the boardroom, in their already successful career and facilitated major personal change which builds their strategic edge and profile raising muscle.

These qualities have spanned numerous sectors such as Financial Services, Beverages, Healthcare, SaaS, IT, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Luxury Retail, Banking, Travel and Tourism




Clients who work with me in this way exponentially materialise changes in their professional lives, such as promotions, increased income, raised profile, presentation success, increased sales, business facilitation mastery and strategic vision.

More specifically a clients consulting income increased by 33% from £250,000 meaning that their family has increased levels of financial security, an Entrepreneur Business Director reported a ‘dry spell’ in their businesses sales, within 12 hours of our first session, the first of many sales came rolling in, along opportunities to reach new audiences. Another former client now enjoys his promotion from ‘Senior of’ to ‘Director of’ bringing more kudos and around £15,000 per annum more income.

In order to start and enhance your personal impact, you’ll need a certain level of clarity, I call it ‘self straight talking and too many high performers don’t give themselves that time for the internal conversation. So we’ll start with some clarity creating questions so that you know what you want more of and more importantly why...

If you’ve recognised yourself in what’s shown above or are aspiring to achieve greater things on greater levels, but frequently find yourself needing to ‘run something by’ someone else, get an opinion on ____ or ask for your thoughts on [fill in the blank] but your only options are;

~ the people who work for you
~ your peers
~ people who just don’t get where you are
~ … or where you’re going
~ conversing with those closest to you (which is futile, because they don't 'get' what you do)

Then I invite you to book your exploration call, with me.  Previous highly effective clients have found it useful, valuable, intriguing and helpful and that's how our sounding board relationship will look, should you decide to seek solutions for yourself.

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To your increased professional impact


Jenny Kovacs


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